• Image of Thoughts Of A Rising Sun

The sledgehammer debut album by GraVIL

"Machine gun riffs and brutal vocals with an imaginative mix of melodic industrial death metal. 'Thoughts of a Rising Sun' is excellent" - MetalTalk.net

"Thoughts of a Rising Sun is one of those rare albums where you immediately hit the replay button as the last riff rattles your speakers to almost near destruction" - The Power Of The Riff

“Crushing technical industrial heavy metal - Thoughts Of A Rising Sun is an excellent debut album from GraViL” – Musipedia Of Metal

"If you aren’t listening to GraVil then you are missing out. Check out the video for “Enemy Within” and get ready to bang your head hard!" - Metal Disciple

"If you’re looking for a new metal band to light up your week; look no further - GraViL are here and they’re sounding damned good. Thoughts Of A Rising Sun will blow your face off!" - Loud Stuff